This is we in Bonn


Couple living and working in Germany preferring to meet people across Europe, Africa, the Americas, Australia and Asia, about 100 countries so far, 60 of those with our MAN UNICAT expedition truck, further 10 using other vehicles.

Next to travelling we love architecture, culture, design, elegance, fine dining, life, literature, modern dance, music, theatre. Most of our time we are scientists and consultants into communication, psychology, automotive and safety, Springer authors and coach, mediator and moderator plus doctors of philosophy and engineering and university lecturer, see and

As one can see from the title – German  for frame breakage – this is just a technology blog addressing configuration and faulty design of our MAN UNICAT truck plus repairs and extended modifications.

For more information about travelling and real life including organisation, adventure, culture, art, research, expeditions, humans and their errors, please see

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